Learn LIVE from experienced traders

how to develop

DisciplineConsistency, and 

Eliminate Emotions.



Course Syllabus


Developing a Proper Relationship with the Market

Day 1  - Understanding the Importance of Trading Psychology

Day 2 - The 3 Principles of the Market

Day 3 - How to Consistently Interact with the Market

Day 4 - The Makeup of a Successful Trader

Day 5 - How to Properly Perceive Our Results


Exploring Fear

Day 6 - Inability to Pull the Trigger, Disrespecting Stops

Day 7 - Revenge Trading, Closing Small Profits, Fear of Success


Exploring Greed and Negativity

Day 8 - FOMO, Overtrading, Holding Positions Too Long

Day 9 - Boredom Trades, Euphoria and Negativity


Wrapping Up

Day 10 - Initial Steps to Consistency

Day 11 - Ask Me Anything Session 1

Day 12 - Ask Me Anything Session 2














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Live 12 Day Course over the span of 4 weeks.

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*Note: This course is designed for intermediate traders who have some experience in the market. We will NOT be discussing Trading Strategies, Candlestick Patterns, or Technical Indicators.

*All content discussed in the Agape's Capital Trading Psychology Course is for educational purposes only. Be advised of the associated risks involved when investing in the markets as each individual assumes responsibility for his or her own investment decisions. Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of the Agape's Capital entity. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Hey that's me! My name is Dennis Chon and I'll be personally teaching this course. I've been trading in the market for the past 4 years and like many others, I kept blowing up my accounts. But it wasn't until I began the arduous task of fixing my Trading Psychology that I finally saw consistent results.

In this course, I've compiled everything that I've learned on this journey.

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