1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions is a place for students to receive direct consultation

on their trading via live video chat. Sessions are focused on topics students wish to explore.

These topics can include but are not limited to:



My Trading Plan

If interested, I’ll reveal my personal trading methodology with an explanation behind each step. Then I’ll review some of my recent trades, both winners and losers.


Your Trading Plan

An evaluation of your trading plan will be conducted. Any gaps will be identified and adjusted. If you do not have a trading plan yet, the first goal must be to develop one.


Trade Reviews

An evaluation of high priority trades selected by the student will be discussed and analyzed. Remember, trades that make money aren’t necessarily good trades and trades that lose money aren’t necessarily bad.


List of personal obstacles

Everyone’s trading hurdles are unique, because each of us is unique. Our hopes, dreams, emotions, and therefore our trading psychologies differ vastly from the next trader. Efforts to understand psychological barriers must be taken in order to overcome them.



Every meeting, uncomfortable yet honest accountability questions will be asked on whether the student's rules were followed. If broken, a deep dive discussion into the motives will be explored.


Ask Me Anything

Any additional topic that the student wishes to discuss is open. There are no silly questions!

Select a plan below:

1 session

1 hour - Versatile Ask Me Anything Session. 

2 sessions

2 sessions - 1 hr per session.

Introduction, then a follow up session.

4 sessions

4 sessions - 1 hr per session with lessons tailored to the student.


Once payment is processed, you will be contacted by email with suggested schedule times. Mentorship sessions will be conducated via Google Hangouts.