Hello Agape’s Capital readers!

 If you haven’t already noticed, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I decided to discontinue the membership service. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but also an incredibly important one. Here, I’ll try to do my best explaining why.


Despite the apocalypse the market brought us in the tail end of 2018, (and the subsequent recovery), I… actually had a great year. I set a new record for largest annual returns, took my 1st personally financed vacation since taking up trading 5 years ago, and began the process of starting a private investment fund with investors other than my parents. (That’s my mom on our vacation in that badass fishing pic up there!)

The only thing that wasn’t doing so hot was my mentorship business. I knew that there were lots of shortcomings in my operation. In fact, I believe I can accurately pinpoint the exact cause.

I invested a lot more time into my trading than I did into my teaching. So while my trading results flourished, my mentorship business floundered.

Which lead me to think – “Well is that really a bad thing?”

Then BAM!

I found myself suddenly confronted by the largest paradox that exists in the stock market education industry today.


I’m sure you heard the saying:

“If a stock trading mentor makes more money teaching students how to trade stocks than actually trading stocks, then you don’t want him as a mentor.”

But here’s the flip side:

“If a stock trading mentor makes more money trading stocks than teaching students, would he want to teach students?”


I am proud to say that I am a trader who makes more money trading than I do teaching. I consider myself the real deal. But this critical factor that qualified me as a mentor is also the same factor that caused me to question it. Pretty soon I saw the scale tipping too far too fast in favor of trading.

So I had to ask myself, “am I evolving in the right way?” Is mentorship the correct step along my path?

No. The next step in my trading journey is not to be a teacher. That’s not why I got into trading. I realized that I needed to shift back to my original goal: to implement a fund successful enough to supplement large scale change by partnering with the right organizations. Social injustice, environmental instability, human suffering - these are the issues that causes my blood to boil. And while I’m still too much of a fledgling to enact any real change, I feel like I’m going in the right direction.



Don’t worry, I do plan on continuing with my blog posts! This site has been a great outlet to voice my inner thoughts on the market. If you have any questions or request that I explore any topic, contact me at Dennis@agapescapital.com.

Thanks and good luck trading in 2019!