Traffic Light Road Rage

A sign prohibiting right turns on a red light

A sign prohibiting right turns on a red light

In NYC there’s this traffic law that states that you can never turn right on a red traffic light. But outside the city, the turn is legal as long as there’s no sign prohibiting it. But if you live right on the border of the city, you might run into the occasional befuddled driver.


One beautiful sunny afternoon, a Honda, a Chevy, and I were lined up in front of a red light. Lo and behold the Honda just sits there not making the legal turn. There was no sign prohibiting the turn.

So what are you gonna do? Perhaps a few light honks, otherwise just wait right?

Nope! Not according to the Chevy behind him. This driver got furious. He went full throttle on the horn. He stuck his head of the window. He shouted profanities.

The bewildered Honda now started to panic. He inched forward and stopped. Inched forward and stopped. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Before you knew it the show was over and the light turned green. Both cars turned the corner and the angry Chevy flipped the bird one last time before speeding off.


But then something MIRACULOUS happened. Not ten seconds later the very next light turned RED, instantly trapping Mr. Chevy and me for another 30 seconds.

I HAD to do it.

I had to drive up next to him and see what he looked like!

Don’t deny it, you would too!

I slowly inched next to him and sheepishly peeked over. I didn't want to get caught.

Inside, I saw a middle aged man who was still clearly upset. His forehead rested on the palm of his hand. The look on his face was of utter defeat.

I snickered. "Keke"

Once the light changed and he sped off all I could think was, “Man this guy should NOT be a trader.”

The difficult truth is that trading isn’t for everyone. When people ask me if they’re cut out for it, the first thing I look for is to see if they have a short fuse. Because if you’re impatient and explosive, you can bet the market will honk your butt out of the right lane.