Smoking and Trading

Growing up in an urban area, a lot of my close friends took up smoking at a young age.  I’m talking 15, 16. Now that they’re entering their early 30s, most of them are desperate to quit.

While trying to be supportive, I couldn’t help but see a couple of correlations between their struggles and trading in the markets. I know, there's something wrong with me.


Eventually, the desire to quit smoking overtook their desire to smoke.

“I should quit.” All smokers have said that at least once in their life, but it’s rarely said with conviction. In fact, it’s not until he admits, “I have to quit” that the real process even begins. Without reaching this high level of conviction, the first steps cannot be taken.

But quitting isn’t easy. In fact it might be the hardest things they will ever do. So, it’s helpful to realize that..


No one quits cold turkey, so stop trying to. But try again.

Like all forms of growth, quitting is a painful process. But all will be wasted if you hit a wall and stop trying. It doesn’t matter if there’s a significant time interval between each attempt. In the end, it’s those who keep trying who will eventually succeed. And pretty soon you’ll notice that..


The duration of time you don't smoke grows longer and longer.

Did you know that for smokers, there’s something called the 3 hump rule? 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and 3 years.

Each time stamp represents various benchmarks in your uphill battle before continuing on to the next stretch. The idea is that after each successive target, the distance to your next goal grows longer. As you make progress, eventually you should..


Stop counting the number of days you've gone so far.

Counting your days can be a double edged sword. I’ve seen smokers who rationalize that they deserve a cigarette for having made it this far. In the beginning, counting can be a motivator to stay strong. But after a while, stop counting. Only then can it become second nature and not an accomplishment. Soon..


You will lose all desire to smoke again.

After you fully quit smoking, something amazing happens. Smokers become disgusted with the habit. When they think back, most smokers think about the negatives. The wheezing breaths, the weight gain, just to name a few. Until finally, they realize that smoking just smells really bad!

After achieving consistency from following my rules, it just doesn't make sense to break them again. There is literally no desire to!

Now the idea of breaking them just smells really bad.