Dennis Chon

                                                 Dennis Chon

            My name is Dennis Chon. I’m a trader, an educator, and a very good looking guy. Born a Korean American and raised in NYC I was born lucky enough to be able to pursue my dreams. When I discovered my passion for the markets, I put it all on the line and dove head first. And so, for the past few years I’ve slowly and painfully realized what it means to become a successful trader. I’ve rocked out to explosive wins and cried in a public library (twice) from blowing up 2 separate accounts. I spend my weekdays trading, my Saturdays in the library reviewing, and my Sundays volunteering at my local church.

           So, “why am I doing this?”

           All good deeds can certainly leave a mark. But the truth is, the most impactful changes require capital resources, and a lot of it. I vowed that if I became successful that I would not sit idly by. I would become the source of that resource necessary for lasting change. I believe that with Agape Capital, I can take one large step towards reaching that dream.

            So I would like to end my introductory post by extending the same question to you. Why are you trading?

            Is it for the riches, the fame and glory? When you’re at your wits end, at your darkest hour, you will need to hear a voice in your head. If it says, “C’mon that Lambo isn’t gonna buy itself,” then your motivation might dwindle. But if the voice is sincere, if its tenacious and passionate, then chances are you’re going to pick yourself up and try again.