For centuries ancient Asian philosophers preached the idea of duality, the idea that two opposing forces exist together in harmony to form a whole. These two opposing forces can manifest in many forms- light and darkness, good and evil, or fire and water. But rather than conflicting they are actually complementary. One cannot exist without the other and together they bring balance to our universe. Today its insignia is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, the Yin and Yang.

            It is only when these forces are in harmony can we live in peaceful prosperity. But, an imbalance of one side will tip us over into chaos. A sacred example is fire. A blaze too bright can lose control and spread death. A blaze too small will freeze a camper during the night. Only a flame of the right size will help him survive.

            All traders have this fire within their souls, but the amount we start off with is different. Some traders start with a burning blaze. But if mismanaged will lead to overtrading, oversizing, or holding onto losing trades. If the flame is too weak, it can lead to fear and paralysis, losing out on large wins necessary to wipe out small losses. As traders, we must balance this fire in our soul. Know when to pull the trigger and when to walk away.