Everyone’s heard of friction right? That pesky force that tries to hold everything back from reaching its fullest potential?! Well, did you know that there are actually two types of friction? They’re called static and kinetic friction.

            Kinetic friction is the friction applied to moving objects, while static friction is applied to objects standing still. Well, guess what? Static friction is actually stronger than kinetic. That means it takes more energy to get an object to start moving than any other time. This desire to not move is called inertia.

            Objects are not the only things that have inertia; people experience it as well. Once we develop certain habits or thoughts, they can be difficult to change. To make matters worse, if we do want to change these thoughts, it takes a lot of energy to overcome mental barriers we place on ourselves. Fortunately for us, once we get the ball rolling we’re met with a substantial drop in resistance. All it takes is that first push.

            If you find yourself chronically breaking your rules, focus your energy on Day 1. Day 1 will be that very first push where you force yourself to follow all of your rules to the tee. Don’t worry about the money. Only by perfecting the process, will the money follow. If you fail, the next day should be considered Day 1. Once you finally nail that first day, Day 2 will be significantly easier. Then Day 3, day 4, day 5….